Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch‑friendly

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With activity indication

                        .imageLightbox({activity: true});

With overlay

                    .imageLightbox({overlay: true});

With "close" button

                    .imageLightbox({button: true, quitOnDocClick: false});

With caption

  • Just another sunset in Tanzania

                    .imageLightbox({caption: true});

With navigation

                    .imageLightbox({navigation: true});

With arrows

                    .imageLightbox({arrows: true});

All of the above

With manual trigger

dynamically adding

Deep links

Add data-ilb2-id="2" to images and call with #showImage_2 add to the url

Press enter for fullscreen

Filter images by extension

Allow gif only


.on("start.ilb2", function () { console.log("start.ilb2"); })
.on("loaded.ilb2", function () { console.log("loaded.ilb2"); })
.on("next.ilb2", function () { console.log("next.ilb2"); })
.on("previous.ilb2", function () { console.log("previous.ilb2"); })
.on("quit.ilb2", function () { console.log("quit-ilb2"); });